Sunday, March 22, 2009

the waiting game

Just six days now before I'm officially due to do some birthing.

My brain is like a hand minus its opposable thumb. It goes: pat (soft) pat (kitty) pat (tummy) etc, but cannot hold on to a coherent thought. Constructing sentences is like groping in the dark for the light switch; my language synapses have broken giving me a glimpse of some darkling future dementia...

All this though helps protect the brain from SHEER PANIC at the thought of labour and dealing with a newborn. Its like being on a nice little cocktail of selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, valium and a glass of red wine.

la, la, la,




you have 'glimpsed the future'... but the natural 'high' sounds grouse... enjoy the experience... sending positive energy and serene thoughts to ya... you're womon - you're doin' us all proud!!!!


thinking of you babe... how you feeling??? 'tis noisy here - grand prix time sucks!!!!

knew you were in early labour thursday when you emailed katherine - was sitting at her desk with her...

visualising a nice, calm, serene birthing for you 'Lil (you probably hear the jets and that too though!!!)