Monday, May 26, 2008

'captain Dad' is here and fixing!

sad to say that this sailor girl's big ole boat of a house is under seige.
Day two of the holidays and the Captain (my pa) is out in the rain, aged 70, pulling rotting old timbers pasted with builders bog out of my creaking 'ships' window frames.
I can't believe the half-assed job prior owners have performed in lieu of 'maintenance'.

so as the timbers are peeled back like onion skin and the ants nest are discovered the rain keeps coming down and the list of ongoing work gets longer. I hope for clear skies tomorrow to keep on trying to make this old duck in the water seaworthy and tight as a tick in a drunken whores mattress...

no hammock time for me my friends, storms are a coming and the crew is busy on deck!