Monday, May 26, 2008

'captain Dad' is here and fixing!

sad to say that this sailor girl's big ole boat of a house is under seige.
Day two of the holidays and the Captain (my pa) is out in the rain, aged 70, pulling rotting old timbers pasted with builders bog out of my creaking 'ships' window frames.
I can't believe the half-assed job prior owners have performed in lieu of 'maintenance'.

so as the timbers are peeled back like onion skin and the ants nest are discovered the rain keeps coming down and the list of ongoing work gets longer. I hope for clear skies tomorrow to keep on trying to make this old duck in the water seaworthy and tight as a tick in a drunken whores mattress...

no hammock time for me my friends, storms are a coming and the crew is busy on deck!


stephanie said...

Buongiorno Sailorlily, (30-05-08)

Siena rises steep and wet to greet you. Your ode to "Fin" was quite moving and economical. I have tried before to knock on sailor gal, however me thinks the lily in sailor is often out and about.!!!

My final day here in Siena and I fnally get to say hello. My autobus leaves on Saturday Sailorlily, so my next port of call is in the high hills of Montepulciano.

As I know you like a good swig as does one of your wisewoman shipmates, I will salute you from the hilltops.

Trust you are looking after yourself and not prone to any "scurvy" that descends upon the Port. How is Capitano Rose e AB e Katherine. give them my regards to the other Commander Team.

Say hello to Commander Chris (yours)

Eventually I will have to leave this shelter, and take to the Sienese streets rain and all. I will leave off with a big



Sailor Lily said...

buongiorno yourself Stephania!
what joy to hear of your travels over the wide world...I won't write much here but will attempt to find you via the other avenues, dusty lanes and twilit hedgerows of Europe; that is, I will email you! drink a glass for me, and make it an absinthe. Hello too to Pieter the oenophile and may he have he have a vintner's luck in finding the perfect drop!

sailor lily


very nautical SailorLily... your prose is a pleasure to read... great to read Stephania's response... she's tried a few times to 'enter your world'!!!

sounds like a lot of hard work ahead for you and your man... often don't find out until down the track that there are problems with older, established houses... hopefully nothing insurmountable!!!

am expecting to get back into the swing of all things 'blog' this weekend... have a few decades to talk about!!!

look forward to reading more of your wonderful writings soon...