Saturday, February 21, 2009

slowing down and taking stock on our day of mourning

Sunday morning and I've got the TV on in the background picking up footage of the mourning service for bushfire victims. Even though there's bound to be plenty of organised religion involved in today I hope the huge gathering of people sharing their support can act as a catalyst for the necessary grief to really begin. It must be difficult for those victims to 'find time' for their emotional needs when their basic physical needs are still so far from being met, but great stories are already emerging of the community efforts to start rebuilding. Crap stories too, of looters and cheaters, but these are still far outweighed by the good in people caring for each other and animals.

I'm slowing down, and gosh it's hard. The garden beckons but my back says go easy. Sleep no longer is enough to ease the general backache of carrying this extra little being around, so I have to rest a lot more and enjoy warm baths. I miss being able to rub heating oils into the tesne places, but its not allowed. I miss seeing my pubic hair (odd I know) and being able to cut my own toenails...

I miss hugs with my husband where our groins touch and rub, but its impossible with such a big belly!
but I like this pregnancy business most of the time, and remind myself to enjoy it.
A beautiful dinner last night- sitting at a Greek restaurent in Williamstown with a view of the water and City beyond, savouring my saganaki and calamari with 'himself' and companionable in a quietude together as we prepare for the future onslaught of 'the boy'...