Tuesday, May 29, 2012


sometimes we fire-starters burn our bridges:

i walked away, i shut the door, i lit a match and let it drop, i burnt my bridges and the world opened and  swallowed me up.  I took acid in the morning to learn how to see the light again, it took me by the hand and together we walked in the mist down to the sand. kind men lit my fags against the gloam and we all sipped whiskey.  i lit a match i lit some fags i flicked them off and burned my bridges.  i walked away and to the pier i met an old friend i scored some gear we smoked it on the ferris wheel at luna park as the dark lifted he tried to kiss me.  the grass was green and good and i knew i shouldn’t have a minute given over to the candy man and that i had to get away. i jumped the wheel, i tipped a wave, i walked away i burned my bridges. at the palais it is end of day and I score some e because i can see but needs learn to love.  i am beautiful i am god the light is in my  fingers red and green. my feet are beat my hair is air i am tree i am love i am everywhwere iam tree i am love i am everywhere. then people look ugly again and i leave .i still hold a basss up my sleeve, i flick it out and light it  up, take a toke then burn those  bridges. i lick my hand i catch a tram still skating from the fires.