Monday, June 23, 2008


fucking blogspot swapped over my email -to one on Gmail I'd set up yonks ago, without even telling me. Much vexation as my login attempts kept failing...
will write a blog soon, just glad to have found the source of the problem...

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stephanie said...

Hi SailorLil reporting from Roma

Weather wonderfully warm so the Churches and Museums are fantastic artistic refuges. Expletives!!!! must be kept to a minimum as i work with gmail and it is frustrating.

Saw a great shoot for a vino promo at the local wine bar. Americans doing the shoot. My capsule comment was that the last take was the best. Hreat street for odds and ends in Via Serpenti and so close love it.

Hope you are keeping well and say hello to Muso C for me,4th Feb Man.

See Wizewomon is nice ensconced in her Casa, so pleased for her.

This is coming over as very stilted so I apologise, maybe because it is warm and for me still early.

Take care Sailorlily

catch you on the Tiber at a later date