Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chris's advice to his unborn son

Be a kid.

Money is not success.

Don’t put anything inside someone unless they say its ok.

Don’t buy another round of drinks until everyone has finished.

Poo is not paint.

Country music is not cool.  Ever.

Foreskins are not meant to stretch that far.

It doesn’t matter how hot she looks, someone else is sick of her shit. 

People are cool, unless they prove otherwise.

Girls are smarter than you, and they have more words at their disposal to prove the point with.

When mum and dad lock you in the ‘naughty cupboard’ it’s cause they love you.

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A boy hey - there's a lot of laughter, tears and hard work there!!! My friend Irene has spent most of Matthew's life (my great-nephew, her grandson) raising him - he's made it to 15 (but only just I can hear her saying) - it's had it's rocky times - but then it would be hard work with a girl as well... congrats 'Lil... and I'll think about the advice bit...


meant to add... do i detect a hint of expectation of heterosexuality there? sorry but the politics of language is one of my things - we can 'make or break' people with language!!!!

shouldn't this one read...

- It doesn’t matter how hot he/she looks, someone else is sick of their shit?

my add...

- don't pull wings off flies, it's a boy thing (and an early sign of a possible psychopath)

take care of yourself 'Lil - getting any sleep yet?