Friday, September 19, 2008


There’s a little flipper growing inside me, a tadpole/glow-worm, baby in its womb-room.
At just over thirteen weeks Skipper Chris and Sailor Lil can let the world know that we’re happily breeding a little sprog!

It’s been rough water and weather and times to get to this point, now its all adventures ahead. Already I can see the skipper’s stamp in the little pixel-face shown in an ultrasound pic.
There, the forehead’s bump of music, there the little tucked in chin and there the Negroid full-mouth.
You’d have to see it to believe it. Look right!

Sprog responds well to chics singing- particularly Scout Niblett. Sprog likes it when I drum along and lets me know with a warm hormonal glow. Sprog likes strawberries with ice-cream, dry ginger ale, olives, and cheese with chutney on rivitas.

In the morning, I get a rush of love I cal the ‘benigns’. Because they happen before 9am we now call them the B9’s.
Skipper can feel the B9s kind of fogging up the air around me. He gets closer so he can have his fix of the hormone cloud.

Skip thought he might have to learn nursery rhymes, but I said his versions of Nick Cave will do just fine. He has a deep voice and sings ‘the ship song’ and ‘the weeping song’ really well.

Sailor Lil likes to sing good old cautionary deep south blues and gospel. Sprog will learn about rambling men, and dice, and houses of ill repute!

This is fun. This is my time, our time, after so much grief and loss to get here.This is where my crew of two sees the first pale glimmer of dawn on the horizon.



way to go babe... be proud and loud!!!! sorry you missed my 'final' post... gotta get out of the habit of publishing instead of saving as draft until it's finished!!!! - how ya feelin'??? glowin' all over????

larrythelibrarian said...

I think that you should be singing some Kylie and Madonna just for balance


Is "Woman to child" new? Hadn't seen it before... sidebar always gets missed!!

But, about time for a new post isn't it... just think of all those hours you're up with damned annoying thrush!!! According to one site I checked:

"The old fashioned vaginal douches are far more effective in both the short and long term of any vaginal infection, fungal or bacterial.

Always start with a cup of warm water. Helpful common household ingredients include the following:
Fresh Lemon Juice, Cider Vinegar, Yoghurt and Slippery Elm Powder.
Even using just fresh lemon juice with warm water is highly effective. If you were to prepare a douche with small amounts of the first four on the list and use it regularly twice daily, the mucous membranes of the vagina would regain their natural vitality and resistance to infection and heal up any damage."

Hope the itching stops soon...