Monday, December 27, 2010

Ho Ho Ho (and as my friend Tanya would say- 'where, where, where?')

It probably speaks volumes that (ex events-waitress style) I had a three page ‘run sheet’ for xmas day food preparation that began with mango-sorbet making last Thursday, moved into gluten-free stuffing creation on Friday and ended with ‘water on for peas and roasting juices on the stove for gravy’ at 12.15 Christmas day when, thanks to my open plan dining-to-kitchen arrangement everyone laughed and took photos whilst my toddler screamed in terror (of the electric carving knife, and grandparents are cruel) and my husband bailed on his ‘gravy-stirring’ duties to calm said child. Dad stepped in to stir gravy, mum followed behind me with sadly shrivelled little peas, toddler was becalmed with his ‘Mr Potato Head’ and the turkey was served. A word on the turkey- massive. And also huge and floppy and difficult to wrangle with the stuffing and butter and the kitchen string then even harder to carve as my child caterwauled and people asked me to ‘pose again like Nigella’. Fuckers….
But after all that the bird was (insert vegetarian alert here) very yummy and has made great sandwiches for us and some stray neighbours for three days now.
Master Finn played with his many toys (yay for Tonka, Fisher-Price and the beautiful rocking Pony he has named Hoodi-ooey) but mostly Mr Potato-Head because I ROCK at picking presents.
We have been semi-drunk on leftover wines for three days, almost like those irresponsible adutls we used to be, and (insert spoiler alert for prim types here) I’ve been getting some sugar in my bowl, a little jelly in my jelly-roll etc etc.

Thank god the cleaners came today though; my mum has shaky arthritis wrists and we’ve been finding peas in some highly unusual places!

However you did it, I give you this sentiment: ‘merrily met, merrily set, now parted we, blessed be.’

Pics will be up later.

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